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The Dance of the Muses

Author: A. P. David

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191537738

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 300

View: 438

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This book develops an authentic and at the same time revolutionary musical analysis of ancient Greek poetry. It departs from the abstract metrical analyses of the past in that it conceives the rhythmic and harmonic elements of poetry as integral to the whole expression, and decisive in the interpretation of its meaning. David offers a thoroughgoing treatment of Homeric poetics: here some remarkable discoveries in the harmonic movement of epic verse, when combined with some neglected facts about the origin of the hexameter in a 'dance of the Muses', lead to essential new thinking about the genesis and the form of Homeric poetry. He also gives a foretaste of the fruits to be harvested in lyric by a musical analysis, which applies a new theory of the Greek tonic accent and considers concretely the role of dance in performance.
The Dance of the Muses
Language: en
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Authors: A. P. David
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2006-09-28 - Publisher: Oxford University Press

In this book David develops a revolutionary approach to Greek poetics, which takes seriously and concretely the role of dance. His conclusions, when applied to Homeric poetry, constitute a radically new theory about its origin and composition.
Music of the Spheres and the Dance of Death
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The roots and evolution of two concepts usually thought to be Western in origin-musica mundana (the music of the spheres) and musica humana (music's relation to the human soul)-are explored. Beginning with a study of the early creeds of the Near East, Professor Meyer-Baer then traces their development in the
Music and the Muses
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Pages: 438
Authors: Professor Peter Wilson
Categories: History
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More wide-ranging in its implications than the English 'music', mousike lay at the heart of Greek culture, and was often indeed synonymous with culture. These essays analyse the theory and practice of musical performance in a variety of social contexts demonstrating the centrality of mousike.
The Understanding of Ornament in the Italian Renaissance
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Authors: Clare Lapraik Guest
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In this paradigm changing study of art and thought from antiquity to the Italian Renaissance Clare Lapraik Guest re-evaluates the central role and theoretical dignity of ornament in pre-modern art and literature.
The Many-Headed Muse
Language: en
Pages: 386
Authors: Pauline A. LeVen
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Examines Greek songs composed between 440 and 323 BC and argues for the vividness and diversity of lyric culture.