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The Cousins and the Cave of Fire

Author: Eileen Parrigin Young

Publisher: PublishAmerica

ISBN: 1448948584

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 204

View: 327

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The Cousins and the Cave of Fire is about a group of cousins who discover a cave which quickly becomes their "special place." They become embroiled in efforts to keep this a secret, going so far as to lie by omission to their parents. When the time warp inside the cave reveals itself to them, they double their efforts to safeguard its knowledge. For even though they have some moments of guilt, they can't resist being able to watch the comings and goings of a young Indian and his family that they see through the time warp. The cousins enjoy watching this clan of Indians living in what they soon decide is this very same cave, only as it might have looked in a much earlier time frame. Eventually there is a confrontation between the elements of these two sets of different people, just as in time the cousins inevitable become found out by their parents. There is a lot of history in The Cousins and the Cave of Fire, and wherever possible to the plot of the story, a great deal of Christian Faith.