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Bach Shapes Bass Clef Edition

Author: Jon de Lucia


ISBN: 9798590540938


Page: 78

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Visit jondelucia.com for a free PDF download of my "Steps to Improvising" worksheets! Do you want your scale practice to make a real tangible difference in your playing? New Bass Clef Print Edition with foreword by Lincoln Goines. The ear is key, and Bach's melodies teach us how to voice lead through chords better than anything else, so what could be more applicable to us as jazz improvisers? The 70 pages of exercises here will teach you to: - Learn to pre-hear intervals, which will help you learn to play what you are hearing faster than any other approach. - Improve your pitch. Practice these with any drone found on Youtube. - Improve your technique. - Increase your vocabulary of melodic shapes, usable in so many situations! - Apply interval patterns to jazz harmonic progressions via 4 jazz etudes on standard progressions. All of the Shapes in this book come directly from the music of J.S. Bach. There has never been a book like this before, and this is just the beginning. Bach Shapes II will be out in 2021 and when you subscribe to Jon De Lucia's mailing list you will get access to all kinds of extra materials related to the book: - Video Tutorials - Recordings of the examples in the book - Links to articles about the book - Free downloads of Bach duets - more to come! Buy Bach Shapes now and let's get to work! At the prompting of the Berklee College of Music Bass Department and other institutions, Jon De Lucia has rewritten the successful book of saxophone studies for bass instruments. In addition, there is bonus material presented from the upcoming Bach Shapes Two, which will be released in volumes starting Summer 2020. "Who doesn't love some Bach?! Jon has done a great job in researching the Bach vocabulary and finding phrases that fit in the jazz idiom. Great melodic snippets that can be applied to common standards and in any contemporary music style. And also great reading material, from the intermediate to the advanced player, with enough variations to keep focused on the page." -Sandro Scoccia, Assistant Chair of the Berklee Bass Department. "This is a great book for reading and diatonic fingerboard dexterity." - Lincoln Goines, Faculty at Berklee College of Music, played with Dizzy Gillespie, Michael Brecker, Sonny Rollins. "Jazz musicians have naturally gravitated towards the music of JS Bach for years, so a book like this one has been a long time coming. Jon has done a wonderful job!" - Miguel Zenon, International Touring Artist "Excellent. Beautiful presentation and great content." -Walt Weiskopf, Freelancer and Educator/Author "What a great book...such a great concept using these amazing melodies and motives to create new practice material." -Dino Govoni, Faculty at Berklee College of Music "No matter what instrument you play, if you're looking for a book to live on your music stand for the next several decades, this is the one. With some careful and attentive work on these sequences, these excerpts are sure to expand your musical vocabulary, as well as your sound and technique. There's endless possibilities here." -Sam Sadigursky, NYC Freelancer, Broadway's Matilda and The Band's Visit "Jon De Lucia has created a compelling set of new studies, combining intrinsic musical elements with precise technical challenges in the tradition of the best etudes. Rather than targeting classical, jazz or pop saxophonists, these studies focus on issues of interval, intonation and musical phrase making in ways that are central to any style. Thanks for new stuff to practice and teach with!" -Andrew Sterman, NYC Freelancer, Phillip Glass Ensemble, Teacher
Bach Shapes Bass Clef Edition
Language: en
Pages: 78
Authors: Jon de Lucia
Type: BOOK - Published: 2021-01-17 - Publisher:

Visit jondelucia.com for a free PDF download of my "Steps to Improvising" worksheets! Do you want your scale practice to make a real tangible difference in your playing? New Bass Clef Print Edition with foreword by Lincoln Goines. The ear is key, and Bach's melodies teach us how to voice
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